September 2009 at the Pretoria Arts Association.


With this exhibition Stefan explored the properties of light and its reflective qualities - how it seduces the eye by reflection and refraction.

He further explored the effect light has on objects and colour, especially various everyday surfaces and objects inspired from our own heritage.

These are approached through the same dedication and detail as the Old Masters, yet with a contemporary and modern-day approach.

The paintings presented, each carried a powerful message, revealed through subtle reflections like puzzle pieces, how we are blinded by beauty as light dances through the shadows of our soul.

Jacques van Heerden sums it up eloquently: “It is a contemporary interpretation of what our genealogy predicted we would be. Yet instead of fraying to the dust and cobwebs of what is perceived as history, we live in ways that keep the essence of ourculture and descriptions. The essence of what makes us uniquely alive, makes us ourselves and the world we live in as much the narrative of a story than any other piece of history like a “Voortrekker Kappie” or the Crystal handed down by generations.”