August 2015 at the Pretoria Arts Association.


Stefan allows us shattered moments, rarely exposed, deeply experienced, as it reflects through glimpses of his soul.

He manages to communicate powerfully and with raw emotion a story with a twist – as viewed through a window – looking out to where a river runs through it.

His judicious use of space, form and colour set the stage for a travel through time as experienced from birth till young adulthood.

Clever use of props in the form of, amongst others, a sausage tied with a blue ribbon proclaiming “it’s a boy”, boxing gloves and a dart board transports the viewer to stand in his bedroom and be introduced to the ghosts of time gone by.

He then narrates progressively the story of a boy, growing up near a river, until it is time to leave home as a young man. A simple enough tale to tell, but the illusion of life’s simplicity is shattered by the enormity and reality of life itself.

"At first… at first you go back to the beginning.

You go back to the beginning to search. To search for what you are unsure about.

The waters have run dry into a thirst. A thirst that your tongue knows but your body hungers for.

You go back. You go back to find what was the beginning of now.

The future of when.

The run of till here . . to go back . . in time –

Like water to where I am.


- Jacques van Heerden
(from his collection of poetry “…and my soul cried”)