Gracing public and private collections internationally and locally, artist, poet and philosopher Stefan Rossouw have been painting for 30 years and specialises in the art of classical oil painting.

A student of the renowned Elizabeth Riding, he developed a passion for the classic era that clearly shows in the brilliance and detail of his work.

He extensively studied the artwork from the Renaissance, Baroque and Romanic periods and has been greatly inspired by artists such as Caravaggio, Lord Leighton and Bourgeois.

Stefan have an exceptional, natural born talent and dedication, combined with an enthusiastic love and devotion for all painting and art forms, spending the majority of his life in front of his canvases.

He is continuously researching new techniques, which combined with experience and the study of classical techniques, allows him to constantly grow and develop his art form into an ever-changing canvas.

For the last 12 years Stefan made painting a fulltime career - dedicating his life to his passion.

Stefan has been privately teaching art for the last 10 years and his students all develop their own style and techniques under his vigilant guidance.


1991: First prize in the South Free State Art Exhibition

2009: First solo exhibition – “Reflections”

2009: Garden & Home, September edition

2011: Second solo exhibition – “Spirit of movement”

2012: Short listed - The South African Artist Magazine, cover page.

2012: Re-Envisioned the Anglo-Boer (SA) War

2015: Third solo exhibition – “A river runs through it”

2016: Rendez-Vous D’Artistes Au Negresco – Nice, France

2018: 7 Arties Internacionaus en Aran Exhibition – Catalonia, Spain