Nice, French Riviera.


Stefan was invited to exhibit his art works at the renowned Negresco exhibition during September/October 2016 in the company of internationally acclaimed French artists. Of varied inspirations; the seven artists were honoured to share the intimacy of their private

Paints and pastels took viewers to a pictorial world where every line, colour, and sensibly stressed detail translated this almost unreal association of the dream and the emotion, from here and there.

“Reflection of Blue” is a celebration of colour where blue is being reflected for the first time against the backdrop of silver with a hint of an ode to champagne.

“A Sour Affair I & II” tricks you into thinking the objects are oranges, when in fact they are a special vintage variety of lemons. In a colour blast of orange and yellow, your senses are awakened (it is fitting that Nice is known for its splendid lemons!). 

“A Day too Late” speaks to the viewer on many levels. As a major concern at present, South Africans are faced with a water crises. The drop shaped bottle gives the illusion and promise of rain to come while the flowers are wilting away.

“A Penny for your Thoughts” represents Stefan’s journey to France. His use of colour mirror colours of the French National Flag. The symbolism of the Koi fish, silver and gold coins reflected
in the water brings a message of hope for good fortune and luck.

Stefan has been invited to exhibit in Paris, France in 2017.