October 2011 at the Pretoria Arts Association.


With this exhibition Stefan furthered his exploration of light and reflection, this time focused on the movement of water and how light, as the spirit and soul, makes it the irresistible and ever wondrous thing that holds our attention and fascination since time began.

Stefan’s work can best be described as a labour of love, dedication and the passion of a soul searching for the divine, as described in his own contemplative observation:

Feel the contours of my deep water where my soul stretches in long shadows to the edge of the world. To the edge of where I get lost deep down. Deep down where, in a circle, I turn myself around you and leave a track of dreams like the ripples of where I echo my soul to you.

Here we finally get to see the real Stefan as he feels comfortable enough to make what was previously universal, more personal.

He etches to memory the message that in stillness lays power. To create stillness you have to rise above yourself. You have to sacrifice yourself for the belief of all to create that stillness.

The spirit of movement purifies.

I’m not this hair, I’m not this skin, I’m the soul that lives within.” – Rumi